A female CIA agent visits a high security Mexican Government location to examine a journal by a Mexican national who worked for the Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi. The agent is there to discover any intelligence data of value to US interests. The play operates on three realities: In the Agent’s here-and-now in the Mexican security facility; in the Sous Chef’s here-and-now attempting to convince the theatre audience of a courage he did not possess at the time of the events described in the chef’s journal; and the Sous Chef and others around him at the time of events discussed in the journal. 

The cooks’ situation mirrors universal immigrant problems. They have gone from Mexico to Libya to increase their economic standing. They have no documents and no rights. They are paid a fraction of what the job should pay and neither the boss nor the society around them has much interest in them as human beings. The play is inspired by true events experienced by co-author, Carlos Ambrosi, cooking for Qaddafi in Libya two years before the dictator’s fall.

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